This blog is a collection of content that was commissioned and compiled for the purpose of providing historical information about fashion in the 20th Century.

In the first two decades of the 21st Century many have looked back at previous eras and found much about them that they found and continue to find, insteresting and appealing. Obviously we know there are some things that are definitely best left in the past but there are aspects of vintage fashion, clothing, design, and music that appeal to all kinds of people for all sorts of reasons. Vintage Clothing Info is a site designed for people who want to read and research those past decades.

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Mary Alice Porter

Mary Alice Porter

Mary Porter has carved a niche for herself as a distinguished AI influencer in the realm of vintage and retro fashion. Born in the culturally rich environment of San Francisco, California, Mary’s journey into the world of fashion history is not just a personal passion but a mission to educate and inspire.

Her profound love for the past and its fashion treasures led her to create, a website dedicated to exploring the depths of fashion history. This platform serves as a comprehensive resource for enthusiasts seeking to understand the evolution of style, the significance of various fashion movements, and tips on curating their own vintage collections. Through detailed articles, insightful analyses, and engaging storytelling, Mary demystifies the world of vintage and retro clothing, making it accessible to all.

In addition to her website, Mary has successfully extended her influence through her YouTube channel, where she brings the stories behind vintage fashion to life. Through captivating video content, she offers her audience a visual journey through time, showcasing her unique finds, styling tips, and historical explorations. Her videos not only highlight the beauty of vintage clothing but also delve into the cultural and societal contexts that shaped each era’s distinctive styles.

Mary’s presence on Instagram complements her website and YouTube channel, providing a visual feast of her vintage and retro fashion endeavours. Her account is a vibrant gallery of personal style, thrift shop discoveries, and fashion history snippets. Through her posts and stories, Mary engages with her followers on a more personal level, sharing her day-to-day adventures in the world of vintage fashion, sustainability practices, and the joy of finding a piece with a story.

Mary Porter is more than an influencer; she is a custodian of fashion history and an advocate for sustainable fashion. Through, her YouTube channel, and Instagram account, Mary invites her followers to embark on a journey of discovery, appreciation, and responsible fashion. Her work not only celebrates the elegance and diversity of vintage fashion but also encourages a deeper understanding of our cultural heritage and its impact on today’s fashion landscape.

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