Vintage Stockings

Elegant Vintage Stockings and Lingerie

Not vintage clothing outfit would be complete without a pair of elegant vintage stockings that are correct and appropriate for the rest of the outfit.

Seamed Stockings

Featuring a bold and prominent seam, seamed stockings are a great way to add visual interest and a bit of sexual appeal to any outfit. Produced through the 1950s, these stockings feature a highly visible seam that appears on the back of the legs when worn. Manufactured like the originals, most seamed stockings require a garter to hold them in place.

Many people will recognize this style as that worn by the famous pin-up girls of the 1950s and previous years. Although new technologies allow for stockings to be produced without seams, seamed stockings add an attractive retro touch to any outfit. These stockings are designed to accentuate the curves in a women’s legs, so they also add a sexy touch to many outfits.

Seamed stockings are available in a variety of styles. Stockings comprised of nude material offer a more sedate look, while sheer black provides that classic, retro look that many women seek. In addition to these demurer designs, seamed stockings are available in a variety of bold and striking designs. Those looking to stand out from a crowd may choose a design produced in a more vibrant colour, such as red. Contrast heeled stockings, which feature stitching in a colour that differs from the stocking material, are a great way to add a splash of colour to an outfit.

Other materials, such as latex or fishnet, can add even more visual interest to seamed stockings. Those seeking to draw maximum attention to the curves of their legs may prefer Cuban or French Heel stockings, which feature a dark heel that ends in a point that draws the eye upward. Available in a wide variety of colours, styles, and materials, there is a seamed stocking for everyone.

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Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings are a bold fashion accessory, or addition to a lingerie wardrobe, because of their open knit, diamond weave pattern. These stockings are available in a multitude of colours and styles, from thigh highs to body stockings. Different sizes of weaves are available depending on the taste and preference of the wearer. Fishnets are popular for everyday wear, as well as for activities such as can-can, burlesque, and roller derby.

Fishnet stockings gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s because they were often seen being worn on movie stars and socialites. Since that time, the stocking has remained popular due to their sex appeal and fun, trendy style. Women can wear fishnets in place of tighter-weave stockings in many social contexts to add a flirty and sexy twist to a normal outfit.

There are also many choices in fishnet lingerie for the more adventurous wearer. Two-piece fishnet ensembles include a fishnet teddy or bodysuit in addition to the stockings. Fishnet miniskirts provide a wow factor when paired with fishnet stockings and high heels. These looks comprise some of the most attention-grabbing lingerie that is available on the market. Fishnet lingerie is not for those looking to be modest, but rather for women hoping to make a statement without words.

The stockings are mainly thigh high, but some have elastic built into the tops so that they will stay up on their own. Other varieties need to be worn with garter belts to keep them up, which adds an additional element of style to the lingerie. These looks are edgy and leave the wearer feeling sexy and confident. There is a style of fishnet stockings out there for everyone, so women should not be afraid to try something bold, new, and different with their looks. Be careful, however, because fishnets can be addictive.

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Thigh Highs

Thigh highs are any type of hosiery that ends above the knee. Typically, it ends at the thigh and is held up by an elastic top band that grips the leg. This differs from stockings which require the use of garters to prevent them from falling. In some descriptions however, the term “thigh highs” may be used in interchangeably with the word “stockings.”

Thigh highs are a popular form of hosiery for women who perform erotic dance and burlesque, and for women who are not performers. When it comes to performances, thigh highs can be the perfect complement to costumes while offering the right amount of sexual appeal for the audience. For women who are not entertainers, thigh highs can be worn under professional attire or beneath clothing that is playful and flirty. A popular method of wearing this type of hosiery is to pair it with a short skirt to show off a seductive glimpse of skin. In more private situations, thigh highs are ideal for romantic interludes and can be paired with a corset, bustier or worn with nothing at all.

When it comes to selecting the right style, there are numerous options to choose from. A standard, but classic option is the basic thigh high. These are available in various solid colours, such as black, red, or white. They may be ribbed, opaque or sheer, and often have lace tops. Occasionally classic thigh highs may have decorative elements, such as bows, ruffles or other flirty adornments, that are attached to the top. Fish net and industrial net thigh highs are also popular and titillating choices for both performers and non-performers alike.

For women who prefer hosiery that’s as fun as it is sexy, there are thigh highs in various colours and patterns, such as animal prints, vertical and horizontal stripes, checkerboard and diamond patterns. There are even patterns for holidays and special occasions, such as weddings. Depending on the thigh highs, they may come in one size fits most, or they may also be available in plus sizes for women with full figures.

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Suspender (Garter) Belts

Garter belts, sometimes known as suspenders or suspender belts, have been used by women to hold stockings in place since the 1800s. A garter belt is considered to be a sexy choice in lingerie because it allows for skin to be seen between the bottom of the belt and the top of the stocking. They add retro appeal to a lingerie ensemble because they are not as ubiquitous as they were in the 1940s and 1950s. Garter belts come in a range of styles and colours, so there is something out there for everyone.

Vintage Stockings
Image by minka2507 from Pixabay

Suspender belts are worn around the waist or hips and have suspenders hanging down from the front and back that attach to the top of the stockings. The belts come in many different fabrics, colours, and styles. Some of the most popular garter belts are made from black or red satin or lace. White garter belts are typical for brides to wear on their wedding day.

There are many styles of garter belts available for those interested in showing them off, such as in burlesque or can-can dancing. Different colours of satin, such as green and pink, add colour and interest to the belt. Details such as lace and small flowers help make a garter belt perfect for being seen by others. A plain garter belt that is smoother can be worn daily for business or professional purposes.

Women who are looking to explore a new look should consider investing in a garter belt. They feel incredibly sexy on the body and create a lot of sex appeal in the wearer. Garter belts can be worn with many types of thigh high stockings such as fishnets, opaque, and decorative. Since there is such a large selection available, there is a garter belt for every type of figure.

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Garters are most worn by brides on their wedding day, but they have many other uses in fashion. These small bands of fabric that fasten around the thigh provide an unusual and appealing twist to normal stockings. Garters were once used to hold stockings in place, but they no longer need to serve this purpose. Instead they are often used as part of a decorative outfit for burlesque, can-can, or other occasions where a woman wants to stand out and be noticed.

This unique fashion accessory has been used in Europe for hundreds of years, for both practical and ritualistic purposes. They used to be tied below the knee to keep stockings from slipping, but as technology improved, they began moving higher up the leg. In modern times they rest at the top of the thigh, near the place where the stockings end.

Garters come in many different styles and colours depending on the reason they are being worn. White is a popular colour for weddings, and they often have bows or lace to make them even more decorative. In burlesque and can-can garters often match the costume that the woman is wearing, which can be many different colours. Black satin garters with a colourful accessory, such as a flower, rose, or bow, add a little something extra to a fancy costume or look.

Bold women can consider wearing garters to spice up their lingerie. Since they are normally only worn for special occasions, wearing one in an unexpected situation can be fun and flirty. Some garters are made from materials that feel great against the skin, which adds an extra dimension of teasing and pleasure for the wearer. Ladies should try something new and add a few garters to their lingerie collections for a fun experience.

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Lingerie Sets

Are you shopping around for new lingerie to add to your collection? Our lingerie sets are made to be appealing and alluring while remaining classy and sophisticated. Retro, burlesque styles can be worn to create a throwback look that is still just as attractive today. Tune into the performer inside of you with one of our matching sets of burlesque lingerie.

Lingerie is not just worn in the bedroom anymore. Many women opt to let a bit of their lingerie, like their bra or corset, show when out on the town, too. Plus, our lingerie sets don’t just include bras and panties. We also offer gloves, boots, vintage corsets, and shorts. Pull together an outfit to wear either in or out of the bedroom and channel your inner diva.

Play around to find the perfect combination for you. Pair tiny lingerie shorts with a gorgeous bra and a pair of boots. Pull on a corset and match it with a pair of skinny panties. Pick out see-through styles or opt for more conservative lingerie. Slip a thin nightgown over a matching bra and panties set for a sneak peek. Our lingerie comes in everything from bold red to floral patterns.

The underwire in our corsets and bras will provide plenty of lift and support. Bold, modern colours mix with delicate lace details for the upmost in fashion and design. All our lingerie is comfortable and soft to wear. Quality materials ensure that your lingerie will not rip or pull with just one wear.

From skimpy to conservative and bold to delicate, you can find the lingerie that best suits your personality and style. Whether you want to be a seductress of sweetly alluring, you will not be at a loss for lingerie options.

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When shopping for the perfect cancan, burlesque, or saloon girl outfit, gloves are one accessory you will not want to forget. Adding gloves to any outfit offers that hint of glitz and glamor reminiscent of movies like Burlesque and Moulin Rouge. Gloves are an inexpensive accompaniment to a cancan or burlesque costume and come in different lengths, colours, styles, and types of fabric. No matter what your sense of personal fashion is, there is a type of glove to match your style.

Long satin gloves go with any type of outfit and come in nearly any colour from white to red to purple, while opera-length gloves are well suited for a classic look and come in simple colours like black and white with a bit of ruffle at the wrist. Lace gloves in red or black can add some zing to the typical Can Can and fingerless gloves can add an entirely new dimension to a saloon girl outfit and come in a wide range of colours.

If you want a look that makes you stand out, try choosing patent leather gloves or long, white evening gloves. If you are not quite sure which type of glove would work best, stick with the simple styles of long black satin or long white satin gloves. These looks are certain to go with nearly any look and can be used with more than one type of outfit. No matter which type of glove you settle on, your outfit will not be complete until you don these beautiful hand and arm adornments.

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